If you have made the decision to invest in an outdoor printed marquee it is a good idea to think up of a style. However you might be a little worried about how you are going to go about the design process. There are certain ways in which you can ensure that your printed mark he stands out from the rest at the event.

 Try to go for a visually aesthetic printed marquee

The usual color for printed marquee are normally black, white and navy blue. It actually depends upon the print that you want to be imprinted. There are also other roof colors to choose from.

If you want to ensure that your marquee stands out from the rest you should think about choosing a bold color for your branding. You can try incorporating a pattern into the background to make sure that it looks eye-catching however branding colors on black or white is not easy and therefore you could make use of large logos and Graphics imprinted on the roof panel and the valance.

Custom printed marquees are one of the best advertising strategies when it comes to the business. When it comes to selecting a print for the marquee you may want to focus on the logo of your brand. Before you hand over the logo to the printer you need to make sure that it is drawn carefully. The details must be completed carefully so that the printer can go ahead with printing the logo. It is best to go for a font which is easy to read and should be printed in a color which doesn’t clash with the original color of the marquee. If your company doesn’t have a brand logo yet it would be helpful if you hire a logo designer. They will first make a soft copy to show you how the print would look. Once you approve you can then have it printed according to your colors and specifications.

When it comes to selecting a size for a custom printed market you have an option of going for one which is just right for your event. When you buy a marquee which is readily available in the market you would have to consider a bigger or a larger marquee based upon the number of people that you are inviting to the event.

It should be kept in mind that branded marquees for your business are going to cost you more compared to the one which is readily available in the market. Before you order the market it is best that you check out the price range and choose one which was in your budget. You would need to get an estimate from at least two or three manufacturers. It is a good idea to not compromise on the quality. A high quality marquee can last you for decades. On the other hand if you save too much you might end up getting a marquee which you would need to made every year or so because of harsh weather conditions.