Getting the right HVAC technician for your home requirements is not easy. To get a company that will quickly get the job done without much ado, choose the one that employs qualified and certified technicians and go the extra mile to interrogate them personally before hiring. Here is a list of top qualities that an HVAC technician must-have.


The first impression is the last. The HVAC technician should dress decently in a name tag or uniform to identify them with the company tasked with installing or repairing air conditioning equipment. Customers trust decent personalities more than shaggy and ungroomed individuals.

Boot covers

Boot covers HVAC technicians should wear boot covers because it involves moving in and out of the house. Therefore, they need to wear boot covers to protect the carpeting or vinyl flooring if present as a sign of care and concern to the customers’ property.


Every company should provide a time frame for its customers, generally between two to three hours. The HVAC technician should step in the compound within the timeframe as agreed. Lateness will cause inconvenience to the customer, and the trust will deteriorate. The reputation of a company solely depends on the punctuality to show up and the ability to get the job done within the timeframe.


Nothing is as annoying as waiting for a technician to arrive at the site only to find that they did not bring along all the tools required to get the job done. If some parts of the system have to be re-ordered, the process should be reasonably quick, but better if a technician is all-around armed with common replaceable parts of HVAC systems.

Clean truck

It may not be too significant whether the truck is clean or dirty, but a clean vehicle shows some respect, decency, and pride of a business. What is more, the car may carry the name and business tag line of a company and would not be business as usual when all of it is covered with mud or dust.

Clean up the mess

After the job is done, the technician should return the condition of your home to the previous state. S/he should collect the garbage build-up through the installation process and dispose of it in the right place. He should put away all of his trade tools and ensure nothing is left for the customer to handle.


You may only allow someone new to the industry to fix your HVAC unit, but only if in the company of an experienced technician to make sure everything is done right for the first time. Many customers do not accept trial and errors in fixing their long-term home investment.


The HVAC technician should be knowledgeable enough to explain what needs to be done in a language that the homeowner will understand. Discussing the issues to the customer in an easy-to-understand way without using too many technical terms will build trust between the two.

Ability to perform

Any technician hired should be able to assess the problem in your air conditioning unit and provide a reasonable timeframe for resolving the issues. There are traits a technician can possess that cannot be taught in class, like treating customers with a friendly demeanour or taking pride in the work done.

For aircon installations, repair, and maintenance, be sure to look for certified, well-trained, and trustworthy HVAC electricians.