Cooking will never be the same after learning these fabulous tricks. Discover the 10 cooking tips that only professional chefs know.

Discovering a series of little chef’s tricks that will make life in the kitchen much easier!

10 cooking tips and tricks

For example, do you know that you can check the expiration of the eggs, even if you can’t see them on the shell anymore? Or is it possible to peel the garlic without getting your hands dirty?

And these are just 2 examples, continue reading the article to discover the other 8 cooking tips .


If the expiration date of the eggs is no longer visible, there is a fantastic trick that will allow you to understand if they are still good and safe to eat: insert them gently into a basin full of water.

The egg is old and it is better to throw it away.

If he is completely deep then he can be eaten because he is still good.

Do you like eggs? I’ll tell you a little secret: you can also cook them in the oven, resting on the grill.Simply set the temperature to 160 ° and cook for about a quarter of an hour.


To extract as much lemon juice as possible, you have to roll it on the table with light hand pressure.


Would you like to enjoy a nice glass of fresh wine but didn’t have time to put it in the fridge? Insert a couple of grapes inside and you will see the difference.


Peeling ginger is never too easy, follow this advice and change your mind: you can do it in just a few seconds.


Garlic definitely gives an extra touch in most recipes, but how annoying is it to peel it?

The hands take its smell, which is then difficult to eliminate, but with 

Put the clove of garlic in a closed jar and shake it well: at the end of this operation you will find the clove completely clean and ready to be used!

Well, a plastic bag could avoid this huge disappointment. Such as? Insert the tray inside and then put it back in the freezer.

The next time you feel like ice cream, you can enjoy it right away, because it won’t be completely frozen.


Put a wooden spoon on the pan to prevent boiling water from escaping.