Have you ever found annoying gnats in the kitchen that move unhindered near the table or pantry? The gnat is a small insect belonging to the order of the Diptera. They are the insects with the fastest beat of wings, a midge of the Ceratopogonidae family, genus Forcipomyia, for example, flaps its wings at a speed of 1,000 beats per second. 

The most “known” species of gnats is probably the Drosophila melanogaster , better known as a fruit fly. Adults are attracted to rotten fruit and vegetables. This is where they lay their eggs, so that the hatching larvae can easily find something to eat. These insects, therefore, are attracted to maturing foods and sweet or fermenting beverages, it is usually the heat that favors their growth, but it can happen, even if in smaller quantities, to find these annoying little creatures in the house even during the winter. The gnats can deposit harmful bacteria on our food, harmless to our body, but not to our food. How to fix it? Here are some tips.

Cover the food

For some foods the best solution remains the refrigerator , for others, however, the latter is not indicated. In this regard, it is good to always use a lid to cover the fruit and vegetables that must be in the open air. Don’t leave uncovered food scraps, because they will attract our little enemies.

Accurate cleaning

The surfaces of our kitchen must always be clean, since odors caused by food residues can always attract insects. Also regularly clean the dustbin . Wash rags frequently and let them dry well, as leaving them moist can create a favorable environment for laying their eggs.