Many utility companies, around the globe, offer energy audit services to its consumers, if you are one of the lucky ones, get your house audited and see how you can lower your electricity bill. If you are a pro in wires and energy, audit your house yourself and analyze the ways to reduce the electricity cost. If nothing works, we help with research-based tips that can help you lower the electricity toll at your home. Let’s have a look:

Use heat-generating gadgets in late hours

Seriously, it’s even written on the utility bills we receive every month. Now let’s see how this can affect the whole electric supply and its usage. For example, if you use a dishwasher or clothes dryer, or oven in the daylight, your air-conditioner would use more electric units to keep the temperature steady. This will consume more electric units hence more expense by the end of the month. Using heat-generating appliances when the outside temperature is cooler would save you dozens of bucks.

Invest in reliable Air-duct System

One of the most significant systems of your house is of quality air-ducts and its electrical maintenance adelaide can save you hundreds of dollars annually without costing you much. If the air duct system of your house is not insulated and operating properly, the result is high-priced. Vacuuming the registers to clean the dust every week can save you from the charges a professional can cost you on his visit. Another tip, just makes sure that your furnishing does not block the passage of the air distribution system. This will help you saving money on the cooling and heating system of your home.

Seal your house

Do you know that a sealed up house can save from 15 to 20% of electricity annually? Your precious temperature owned air is wasted up through your doors, windows and even refrigerators. Not only the air is seeping out of these leaks, but your hard-earned money is seeping out too. Seal them and your money too!

Unplug Electric appliances

It’s a no brainer. Your mobile, laptop and camera chargers can save you around $75 a year which we mostly forget to unplug. The oven, iron or LED plugs not only utilize more energy but could be on the blink if there is any turbulence in electric supply.

Let your clothing Air-dry

Instead of using a dryer, try air-drying your clothes. This would help you save up to $2.50 daily. So, making these little changes in your daily routine of electricity consumption can save you a hefty amount at the year-end.

The ceiling fans can save up to $450 a year and the AC can cost you more than that in just even a quarter. The LED lights are also designed to save electricity and if you don’t forget to turn them off every time, you can save up to $250 a year.